About Us

1.   Brand Brief and Description

Our brand ‘’Hangit Hammocks’’ motto is ‘’Work Hard. Relax.’’

In addition to hard work that results in financial liberation in your lives, we believe passionately in taking due time offs from the normal day to day routines and invest quality time in camping, travel, naps, good food, great friends,  and a spirit of adventure throughout life. And What best way other than to simply own a hammock at your home.

 All the hammocks and swing chairs that is made under the brand ‘’Hangit’’ not only opens up a great world of joy and relaxation for the guest but it directly empowers the artisans of South India who are expert weavers and hand crafters for generations. ‘’Hangit’’ opens up a portal or doorway that connects these long forgotten traditional artisans cum expert weavers to not just India but to the world. It gives them great joy that finally their art has got its due voice that purely justifies the spirit of 4 Hs - hard work, harmony, honesty and happiness.


www.Hangit.co.in was the first and only exclusive hammocks and swings online selling portal in India when it was started in the year 2013 and understanding the drive of the founding members to build and sustain a business that believes and works towards global harmony and work place that basically produces products of joy & art was the real motivation behind the start up of the brand ‘’Hangit’’ way back in 2013.

Hang It is the exclusive outdoor furniture brand of The Oak Tree Furniture, setup by a team that thrives in hammock making for the last 20 years.

We are operating in the global hammock market for more than 2 decades long, catering to some of the Fortune 500 companies in global market in the US, where Hammock is a tradition. US are the home to hammocks and the sole biggest market for such products and that’s what brings us from India, the land of traditional quality artisans and weavers, to the US, the land of people who appreciate this exclusive art of relaxation.

Earlier, there was very little scope for this kind of products to really call it an organized market but with opening up of markets and Globalization, things started to change drastically. The need for such products in the global market was ever growing with people starting to look out for the right products to decorate their camping bags, garden, lawn, farm, backyards etc with.

Relaxation, Leisure and travel became the new mantra of young stressed out working middle class and they started to look out for such products and there were very few that could make such products in such an organized way and hence the birth of ‘’Hangit Hammocks’’.

With calls coming in, literally on daily basis, to cater these products not just in export and domestic brick & mortar stores, the company decided to launch Hang It, as an premium online portal which would serve products like Hammocks, Swings, Hammock stands, Wooden beach chairs, Quilted picnic mats and other related accessories to the people all over the world through renowned Online distribution channels like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Pepperfry as well. As they say, rest is history and from then on we continue to innovate, supply and thrive on outdoor products exclusively for people who love to relax and spend their quality time with their family and friends during the week ends and lazy Sunday afternoons under the sun, beach or at their own backyards.